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NoVA-MD Self Defense, LLC

Instructor Qualifications:

Jim Landerkin has been actively involved with the safe and effective use of firearms for most of his life. Starting with a BB gun that his father gave him for his 8th birthday, he developed a careful regard for proficiency and safety early on. A few years later he was given his father's Mossburg .22 caliber bolt-action rifle and began to hone his firearm skills.

When he joined the U.S. Air Force a few years later he was introduced to higher caliber semi- and fully-automatic military rifles, including the .30 caliber M2 Carbine and the .223 caliber/5.56 M-16, and qualified as an Expert Marksman with both.

Upon returning from the military he became proficient with handguns in several calibers, as well as 12-gauge shotguns that were used in the enjoyment of shooting sports (Trap and Skeet).

He is currently certified as an NRA Instructor in Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, and Personal Protection in the Home, and is also certified as an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer.

He is additionally certified by the Maryland State Police as a Handgun Qualified License (HQL) and Wear & Carry Permit Instructorand by the National Sporting Clays Association as a Certified Referee.